PTI makes Global Sourcing transparent to your company. If you have considered or are considering Global Sourcing for your manufacturing requirements, you are already familiar with many of the obstacles that you could face:

  • Choosing an Appropriate ISO 9001:2015 Manufacturing Facility
  • Manufacturing Volumes
  • Cost of Dedicated Resources/Personnel
  • Communication and Language Barriers
  • Time Difference
  • Political and Other Uncertainties
  • Manufacturing Lead Times
  • Transportation Logistics

Any one of these items can be a deterrent to make Global Sourcing seem like an unreasonable option. In fact, the most important obstacle isn’t on the list. That would be the anxiety of not knowing exactly what you will receive from your sourcing partner until your product gets through customs and arrives on your loading dock. When done right, Global Sourcing has the potential to dramatically reduce manufacturing costs.

Practical Technologies, Inc. can make Global Sourcing risk free, and work for you with surprising ease and improve your bottom line. Let us prove to you how effortless it is to save money.


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